BRC Participation Forms FAQ

IMPORTANT: BRC Participation Forms require a laptop or desktop computer (a smart phone or tablet will not work), the latest browser, and JavaScript enabled.

Q: What should I know about before filling out my form?

  • Please do not use a mobile device (smartphone, iPad or tablet) to fill out your form. Data may not be properly submitted, which will have a negative impact upon your application.
  • To use this system, you must have a complete Burner Profile. If you don’t, you will be prompted to do so before you fill out your form.
  • You must use the latest version of your browser; we recommend Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
  • JavaScript must be enabled on your browser, check here:

Q: What should I have ready before I fill out an Art Installation, Mutant Vehicle or most Placement forms?
A: The following items are required to complete the above forms (items to be uploaded directly into the form). Please have these items prepared prior to starting. DO NOT use a “placeholder” file.

  • Placement: Final camp layout plan (single page PDF, PNG or JPG – 1 MB or less)
  • Art: Diagram or drawing of your project (up to 3 files: JPG, PNG or GIF – 1 MB or less per file)
  • Mutant Vehicle: Photo or sketch of vehicle (up to 10 files: JPG, PNG or GIF – 1 MB or less per file (a day and a night picture of already constructed vehicles is recommended))

Q: I need to talk to Placement, DMV, Art or Media. I’ve entered the wrong info or uploaded an incorrect file. How do I get in touch with them directly?

Q: I’m not able to upload my Placement camp layout plan, DMV image or Art diagram when I’m filling out the Placement, Art, or Mutant Vehicle form, what is wrong?

  • Is your browser up to date? The Image Uploader may not work correctly on Internet Explorer (IE) and older browsers.
  • Are you on a mobile device? Questionnaires require: a computer (not a phone or tablet).
  • Do you have JavaScript enabled on your browser? Check here:
  • Do you have blank spaces in the filename? Try file names with no blank spaces, such as camp-layout-plan.jpg or camp_layout_plan.jpg.
  • Are you uploading a supported file type? The image uploader only accepts the file types listed in your file upload question. Please confirm your file is one of those types.
  • Is it over the allowed file size? Only file sizes of 1 MB or under can be uploaded.

If you have tried all of the above and you still can’t upload your file, please let us know using the Contact Us form (also linked at top of page).

Q: How do I save my application so I can finish it later on?
A: Click the “Save and Continue” link at the top of each page. After you activate “Save and Continue,” you will be emailed a unique link that will allow you to return to your questionnaire and finish where you left off. If you cannot find this email, please follow the instructions in the question below.

Q: I don’t see the email with the link for “Save and Continue”, how can I find it?
A: Sometimes these emails end up in your emails spam or trash folder. Please check both of those locations first and perform a search in your email program for ““. If you still don’t see it, let us know by using the Contact Us form (also linked at top of page). When you email us, please include the email address you used and the name of the questionnaire you are inquiring about.

Q: Can I fill this out on my smartphone or iPad (or other tablet)?
A: Not currently. We know you are busy folks and like to do everything on the go, but for now you will have to use a laptop or other computer. It may appear to be working correctly on these mobile devices, but important or required data may not be properly submitted, which will have a negative impact upon your application.

Q: I need to add or change info on my form, what should I do?
A: If your changes are small, please email the department for the form you want to change (addresses listed above). Be sure to include in your email the exact spelling of your project, and contact information as it was sent to you in your email notifier. Indicate which question’s content you want to update (use the email notifier to specify which areas you want to change). If you need to completely resubmit a questionnaire, email the department for the form you want to resubmit (addresses listed above) to let them know it is coming. Then, fill out a new application, preferably with an indication in the Camp, Art Installation, Vehicle or Project Name field, so it can be differentiated from your previous application. For example, instead of naming the new one “Camp Goth Marmots” as it was originally, call it “Camp Goth Marmots 2 or “Camp Goth Marmots NEW”. Either way, please do this with time to spare before the deadline. Changing your plans is fine, changing them with five minutes to spare before the deadline stresses everybody out.

Q: My question is not answered by above, how do I get more help?
A: Please contact us using the Contact Us form (also linked at top of page).. Be sure to include specific details in your question.